Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No More Binkis!!

So its been a long time I have posted, and I am sorry.  I am going to try to be more deligent about this.  2011 has started with a bang, we have so much good news to report its kind of crazy -- weddings galore in 2011 -- Abby and Beau, Alison and Joe, Alexis and Fletcher, Meg and Dave; and Sean and Rachel! Congrats!  Also, we are so excited about all the new babies that will be entering the world this year -- Nathanna and Craig in Feb., Lisa and Jon in June, Kate and Andrew in June, Mike and Jen in July and Dave and Amber in July too!  Its going to be a very crazy year.

We have also had a lot of changes since my last post -- We are moving.  Matt got a job in NYC and has been working for JP Morgan since October.  So, what does that mean for James and I -- we are moving to CT as soon as we can sell our place.  Its definitely a struggle being a single mom during the week but we have found our rhythm and we are just looking forward to our place selling.

So, enough of the catch-up...onto mommy issues.  The BINKI!! I know that in previous posts I talked about trying to get rid of it, or at least keep it for just night time, but the time has come for it to go!  We had gotten James down to just using the binki at night, but three weeks ago my friend Morgan decided that her daughter's paci had to go.  The doctors kept telling me not to worry about it until we moved, but at this point I was feeling he is going to be 3 before we move, so I am going for it!!!  I decided that I would just not give the binki to James -- I literally collected all the binki's in the house and threw them away.  YES, I threw them away.  Lets be serious -- they are gross after years of usage -- you can afford to go out and get some new ones if you have another child.  Many books tell you to make up a story about them going to other kids who needed them -- but knowing my child I knew that wouldn't work - we are very much in the "mine" stage. 

The first night was actually pretty easy.  James went down without even a peep.  Granted we did make sure he was very tired.  James didn't even ask for the binki.  The next couple of nights were tough in the sense that James had a hard time falling asleep.  Remember -- the binki helped to soothe and now they have to figure out how to truly self soothe.  Interestingly enough, over the last three weeks James has only asked for his binki once -- the 2nd night, and when I said no more he kind of accepted it. 

Its so nice to say that we are a binki free house now!!  While we are still struggling a little with sleeping through the night, we are sure that now after all of the holiday excitement that will change too.