Thursday, June 24, 2010

Changes All Around!!

So I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while, well a while doesn't really sum up the 6 weeks of neglect.  But, with the balance of mommyhood, sometimes things fall behind, and unfortunately this blog did just that.  On a positive note, it has been a very busy but successful last 6 weeks.

First I would like to talk a little bit about my accomplishments.  I have registered for 3 triathlons!!! My first one is on July 18th and I am super excited.  Needless to say, I have finally grabbed hold of my life and made it a priority for me find time to workout for myself.  It has been easier than I thought and its definitely great that James enjoys going for runs and Matt and James will bike with me!  Even more I have found some great friends at work who are a. joining me in the last tri and b. pushing me to work out!  On top of all of this success I am happy to report I have officially lost 25 pounds.  Its so exciting for me, as my weight has always been a struggle, and now I have made some head way -- I still have more to go, but its a start!

On another note, we have made a lot of changes with James.  First we found out that he is suffering from 5ths disease which is leading to contact dermatitis.  Therefore, we have now switch to Tide Free detergent and we are still laughing that our detergent was the last "natural" switch that we have made.  Maybe the smell of the blue Tide makes me nostalgic, but all in all we have seen a remarkable recovery with a simple switch in laundry detergent and of course, the prescription hydrocortozone.

The other big change we have made is that we have switched to cloth diapers!!!  We are using Happy Heiny's and the Diaper Lab in Somerville has been a huge help!  We are off there this weekend because of James' sensitive skin we have to get totally enzyme free detergent (I never realized that even the organic all natural detergents that are main stream still have enzymes).  Anyways, we love the Happy Heiny's and James loves them too.  They are pocket diapers so you have to stuff them, but this means that you can add extra absorbancy for the night time or decrease the absorbance for light wetting times.  They are super easy to clean -- just throw them in the laundry, and so affordable!  We are so happy with the change!